Facebook Advertising


How Facebook ads work

Facebook advertising has been one of the biggest game changers in the marketing world. You are probably aware you should be using it to promote your business but you maybe asking yourself “what actually is Facebook advertising? Is boosting a post advertising? Can I use it locally?”


With over 2 billion people using Facebook everyday and 32.7 million of them in the UK Facebook advertising along with Instagram has provided the single biggest marketing platform geared towards anyone and everyone. This access has levelled the playing field when it comes to small business verses the bigger players


Boosting a post is not advertising


So first things first – boosting is not advertising! I’ll say that again, boosting is not advertising. It is limited and often a waste of money when compared to what you can do with an ad campaign but we’ll cover that a little later


So – what is facebook advertising?

Well -there’s a lot going on behind the ad you see popping up on your smart phone and guess what, it doesn’t matter if you block or ignore the ad. In a well run campaign that’s just as good and equally important to the success of the ad as is clicking on it. It’s all down to Facebook’s most awesome weapon – the Custom Audience


Building the Custom Audience (LLA)

Imagine for a moment I bought you several potential customers and gave you a month to find out which was the best for you. You could ask them anything you like and you could write down all the answers building a profile of your perfect customer. Now, imagine I go away with your list and find hundreds if not thousands of people just like the one you described and bought them back to your business...


Well that’s what Facebook can do and that's what a custom audience or “Look Alike” audience is. Once we have given Facebook enough data we can create our Custom Audience. Facebook will trawl through it’s database matching profiles and creating a list of thousands of potential customers that are like those that interacted with our ad – Brilliant!

We can now create a new campaign and target only those people most likely to buy or interact with us


A well run Facebook campaign allows you to test different ad messages across different audiences whilst building a profile of those potential clients that do like what you are offering and do want to do business with you. So not only do you end up with great ads that engage people you also target those people most interested as well – That is very powerful!


So what about boosting ads?

On the other hand if you are currently throwing your money at boosting posts then none of the above applies so when the money’s gone it’s gone. You have no audience or profile


If you’re thinking “I don’t have time to learn all this but I do need someone to do this for me” then just drop us a line on 01628 613773 or fill out the box below