How much does Facebook Advertising Cost?


Facebook advertising can cost as much as your budget can stretch too. At the lowest end £1 to £2 per ad per day you might not have any ads published if the target audience is too large or if the competition is too expensive. At the other end you can let the campaign run away with itself spending £20 per ad per day until your budget is exhausted and bad targetting has given zero results or you didn't spot poorly performing ads and kill them

It's really all about the targeting, analysing the results and managing the budget.

A few pointers and what the numbers mean

Results         How many people have actually interacted with you chosen goal (usually clicked on the link embedded in the Facebook ad)
Reach           How many profiles have had your ad published in the area you targeted (usually Facebook timeline or Instagram)
Impressions How many times have the ads been published (is it reaching your targetted audience)
CPC     Cost per click  How much is each interaction costing you?
CPM    Cost per thousand impressions   How much is it going to cost you going forward (Is it viable)

For an initial campaign, you should budget to test 4 to 6 ads at £5 per ad per day = £20-£30 per day for 2 weeks

After this, you should be looking to kill at least some of the poorly performing ads

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